Work Smarter with Linchat

Linchat is an enterprise information management network that focuses on the needs of enterprise information control. Equipped with all kinds of office management application platform, Linchat can be a one-stop application platform anytime and anywhere.

All-in-one Enterprise Information Management System

Linchat makes all employees in the companies be connected closely through the tasks and events management. Companies can instantly communicate with customers and give feedback through open external communication channels. Linchat also supports cross-platform devices, allowing you to stay connected on the go.

Control Your Information Securely

It is often heard that companies and government agencies lose or leak important information. Linchat will help companies strengthen information control, helping avoid major security problems.

Industry Application

Companies can enhance their teamwork, communication efficiency, and performance with Linchat. Through its seamless communication environment across departments, regions and time zones, Linchat is applicable to all industries from: IT software, education, manufacturing, retail, media, public relations, medical biotechnology, traditional industry, finance, insurance, among the many industries.

About Linchat Development Team

Linchat development team is composed by a group of senior engineers. With more than 10 years of rich experience in the development of Linux systems, we are familiar with open platform technology. Our expertise, quality of service and development capabilities is highly recognized in the industry.